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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Bukky Shonowo who was born in Nigeria on November 06, 1981, the third out of six children, Book-Key as she liked to think of herself was a God-fearing, loving, caring, cheerful, generous and beautiful person.She passed away on December 10, 2005 at the age of 24 after completing her divine assignment here on earth.. We will remember her forever.
Tributes and Condolences
11 Years Gone By....   / Bolutife Shonowo (Sister)
Sweetchild, Its exactly 11 years today since you left. One would imagine your memories would fade away as the years have gone by but they only get stronger as each year passes. I miss you sooooo much, a looooot has happened and i know you're watchi...  Continue >>
You are always remembered!!   / Taiwo Ogundipe (Friend)
Hello you. It's been 10 years. You will always be remembered by this man. Continue to rest in peace.
10 years   / Funlola Awudu (Sister)
Bookholar.... It's been 10years but we still feel sore like you just passed yesterday. So much has happened and is happening but I know you can see all and watching over us with the angels in heaven. Gone but not forgotten... Continue to rest in ...  Continue >>
Hmmm...Bukola, it's 10 years just like yesterday   / Babatunde Oginni (Friend/Brother)
Dear Bukola, it's 10 years today and it still seems like yesterday. You were and still are a rare gem, an angel that lived amongst human beings. Thoughts of you have consistently been on my mind towards this day that I forgot about an anniversary of ...  Continue >>
Miss  / Yinka Aworetan (Friend turned sister )
Can't believe it's 10yrs,miss you so much,a lot of memories crept in over the weekend,hung out a little with the girls,busola,Uzo,deroju,Chinedu, Toyin and so many memories just crept in,missed you that day,miss you today,will always miss you my dear...  Continue >>
Forever in my heart  / Shola Adeyanju (Close friend/Sister )    Read >>
Miss you!!!  / Moni Osibodu (Cousin)    Read >>
9 years on..  / Bolu Shonowo (Sister)    Read >>
8 Years and counting  / Funmi Awudu (Sister/Friend)    Read >>
7 Years...  / Babatunde Oginni     Read >>
Remembering you today and always  / Funlola Awudu (Sisrer/Friend)    Read >>
Missing u sweet child  / Linda Ogban (Sister/Friend)    Read >>
Hi Bukola  / Babatunde Oginni (Brother/Friend)    Read >>
6years and your memory still lives on  / Bolu Shonowo (Sister)    Read >>
6 yrs and not forgotten  / Funlola Awudu (Friend & Sister )    Read >>
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